Padmate Q10 Ultra Wireless Stero Bluetooth Speakers

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6W total super sound
Bluetooth 4.2
Plush aluminium alloy
10m transmission reach

      Padmate Q10 Ultra Wireless Stero Bluetooth Speakers

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      True Stereo Sound

      Immerse yourself in amazing sound from booming bass to uplifting highs. 

      Sleek Metallic

      Aluminium alloy speakers bring superior style as well as sound to any room

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      Fast Charge

      It takes just 2.5 hours to get these speakers back in the game 

      Awesome Atmospherics

      Place your speakers anywhere in your room to experience sensational sound.

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      BluetoothPlay Time Talking Time Standby Time 
      4.24 hrs8 hrs20 minutes (automatic shutdown without operation)
      Charging Time Battery Capability 
      2 hrs90mAh