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Pamu Scroll Plus
Pamu Scroll Plus
Pamu Scroll Plus
Pamu Scroll Plus

    Pamu Scroll Plus

    * Features Bluetooth Chip QCC3020
    * Awesome sound with booming bass
    * Touch Controls for easy operation
    * Water Resistance: IPX6
    * Wireless charging

    The best selling earphone comes back with plus edition and lower price

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    Life To Your Favorite Soundtrack

    Ergonomically designed to stay in your ears for the long run (or short sprint)

    Scroll Plus earbuds stay with you for the long run (or short sprint).

    A Sound Sensation

    Truly hands-free music & call

    Enhanced bass

    Experience head-nodding, finger-tapping, foot-banging sound quality.

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    product image

    Sweat’s No Sweat

    IPX6 water-resistance & sweat resistance

    These waterproof wireless earbuds can handle trickles of sweat and pouring rain.

    Enjoy A Ready, Steady Connection

    Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

    Atuo connect & disconnect

    Cutting-edge earphones tech enables you never cut out audio or calls

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    What's in the Box

    Scroll Plus wireless earbuds
    Wireless charging receiver
    Secure-fit tips in 3 sizes
    Micro-USB charging cable

    BluetoothPlay Time Talking Time 
    5.0 6 hrs 6 hrs
    Charging Time Water Resistance: 
    2 hrs (case) 2 hrs (earphones) IPX6
    Battery Capability Dimension:
    500mAh+55mAh*2 19.7x17x27mm (earphones)