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Estojo de carregamento com receptor sem fio, edição limitada (compatível com PAMU Slide/Mini/Unique Earphones)

Estojo de carregamento com receptor sem fio, edição limitada (compatível com PAMU Slide/Mini/Unique Earphones)

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Preço normal $49.00 USD
Preço normal Preço promocional $49.00 USD
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  • Compre 1 = Obtenha 3 estilos.
  • Apenas estojo de carregamento, sem fones de ouvido dentro.
  • Compatível com fones de ouvido PaMu Slide/Mini/Unique.
  • Inclua um receptor de carregamento sem fio, pode carregar sem fio qualquer produto tipo C
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 Replaceable Covers

 You can easily change the cover according to personal preferences with it’s magic. Stand out and be stylish!

High Quality Luxury Covers
You Can Change Every Day

All our covers are hand-crafted by experts. They follow a time-consuming 20-step process that assures the quality and luxuriousness of the product. 

Tried And Tested For Total Reliability

PaMu Unique covers undergo the following tests to ensure their durability and suitability to protect your earphones:

  • Cold and Hot Shock
  • High Temperature & High Humidity
  • Wear Resistance Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Flip Test

Super Flexible

Super Durable

How PaMu Unique Covers Are Designed

Step 1.

UV Printing Technology

Step 2.

Car Line

Step 3.

Manual Oil Edging

Step 4.

Hot-Press Molding

An inkjet prints the design onto the leather surface of the case cover.
The LED cold light source lamp emits ultra violet waves. These react with the photosensitive curing agent in the ink, causing the color molecules to form a pattern on the surface of the leather. As a result, each pattern is unique. 

The Concept Behind The Designs

Fine lacquer paintings meet graffiti on the covers of PaMu Unique.

Padmate artists have been influenced by the lacquer painting practiced in China, Korea, and Japan.
It's a mysterious and exotic art that we've combined with modern graffiti and abstract art to create luxurious designs for the case covers for PaMu Unique earbuds.
Each pattern represents the power and beauty of the world. An expression of vibrancy, emotion and freedom. 

PaMu Unique Charging Case-A

PaMu Unique Charging Case-B

What's in the Box

- 1 PaMu Unique Charging Case (no earphones) 
- 1 Type-C Cable
- 6 Ear Tips
- 1 Carry bag
-1Charging Reveiver
- 3 PaMu Unique Covers

Two Ways of Charging

1. Type-C Cable Charging
2. Wireless charging with PaMu Unique Wireless charging receiver. You can use wireless charging receiver as optional to charge PaMu Unique. Just put it on your own wireless charging pads/sockets , and you can charge your PaMu Unique headphones cable-free! PaMu Unique wireless charging receiver also support other Type-C device charging.

Battery CapabilityDimension:
400mAh+85mAh37.5x26x19.5mm (earphones);
37x96mm (charging case)