Can't connect your pamu Quiet?

Note: Please contact out customer service first, they will guide you find out the issue and help to deal with it.
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1. First of all, put earbuds into the case and make sure they have power.
2. Take out earbuds and power on (Automatically on when taking out, prompt “power on”)
3. There is a reset button positioned in the earbud, as shown below, please use a needle-like tool to insert into the small hole and press for 5 seconds until the LED flashes red and blue simultaneously, then clear successful. Same operation for both earbuds.

4. Tap twice on the earbuds after clear pairing and the LED flashes quickly in alternative red and blue. Observe LED indications when repairing successful: Left earbud flash slowly in blue, right earbud flash slowly in alternative red and blue.
5. If not success, repeat step1 to step4 In case the earbuds happen with no sound or repeated failed connection, please repair it follow above steps.