PaMu Slide Mini
2 sets for $99.9


We collected a lot of backer’s feedback and suggestions about Bluetooth earbuds. Now we’re back with PaMu Slide Mini, an awesome product that will redefine Bluetooth earphones. We’ve retained all those elements that have made PaMu such a success, including:

PaMu Slide Mini VS Other Brands

PaMu Slide Mini
2 sets for $99.9


All the style and sophistication of PaMu Slide
Just smaller

This is as light, compact, and portable as PaMu Slide gets. So now it's even easier to slip PaMu Slide in your bag or pocket.

Born for music
Qualcomm QCC3020 Chip

An earphone's quality depends on the power of its core processing chip. PaMu Slide Mini uses the Qualcomm QCC3020. It's the most advanced True Wireless Stereo (TWS) chip there is. Bose, Sony, and Jabra use an older Qualcomm chip. Apple uses the H1 in their AirPods 2. Our chip outperforms them all. We've partnered with Intel and Qualcomm to bring you the very best in earphone technology. Have we succeeded? That's for you to decide.

Better sound resolution
Bring your ears into sound heaven

Our Micron Composite Vibration Membrane boosts the sound quality and reduces distortion.

Dual-mic noise reduction
Stay clear, stay quite

Enjoy noise reduction in busy areas. PaMu Slide Mini filters out background noise so you can enjoy clear calls and music.

Ergonomic design
Never fall out

Enjoy comfort and confidence that your PaMu Slide earphones will never fall out when you're on a run, at the gym, jumping, climbing, whatever!

6 different earbud sizes for comfort fit
Find your perfect size

Everyone's ears are different in terms of the size and shape of the canal. To ensure the most comfortable fit, PaMu Slide Mini earbuds come in 6 different sizes: S, S+, M, M+, L and L+.

PaMu Slide Mini
2 sets for $99.9


Impressive battery life
Fast charging supported

400 mAh

Charging Case Battery Capacity

30 hrs

Calling Time

30 days

Standby Time

5 mins

Charging Time

1 hr

Battery Time

Just 5 minutes of charging gets you 1 hour of play or call time. Thanks to the PaMu Slide Mini's Type-C connector, you can just make yourself a coffee then your earphones will be back in the game.

Water resistance
Rain, sweat and splash resistance

PaMu Slide Mini has really earned its IPX6 Water Resistance rating. So when you're out and about, we've tested the earphones to ensure that no rain, no water, and no sweat can seep into the sensitive components of the earphones. The music keeps playing and the calls can keep coming no matter where you are, what you're doing, whatever the weather.

Easy connect,auto pairing
Multi-platform supported

 Auto Connecting


Auto Disconnecting


Technical specification

What's in the Box?(one set)*2

PaMu Slide Mini
2 sets for $99.9