Set Up And Use Your PaMu Quiet

Using Lanyard with Charging Case

PaMu Quiet is equipped with a lanyard accessory so that you can use it in a convenient way even when taking with you. For assembling the lanyard with charging case, pass the hanging loop from the front of the case, as shown below

Can PaMu Quiet be used alone?

Both earbuds can be used separately, and the left earbud is the mater however.
For independent use of right earbud, please follow these steps:
1. Taking out both earbuds and connect till two connected device names displayed as PaMu Quiet L and PaMu Quiet R.
2. Then putting left earbud into the case, the right earbud will automatically reconnect to devices for independent use.

How to Download APP

For better listening experience, you can use PaMu Quiet App to customize the function keys of the earphones, get the continuous upgrade of the earphones firmware (Windows system is not supported yet).

The function definitions of Press and hold, double click can be customized in the APP according to your operating habits, the volume can be increased, decreased or ANC function can be selected according to your needs.

LED light indication

Left earphoneright earphone
Low batteryFlash slowly in redFlash slowly in red
Pairing successfulFlash slowly in alternative red and blueFlash slowly in blue
TWS connectedFlash slowly in blueFlash slowly in blue
ChargingSolid redSolid red

Changing Ear tips

We offer three different sizes of ear tips (S, M, L) so that you will find the best suitable pair for maximized noise cancellation and comforts as well as optimal audio experience. It is recommended that you try on each size (M sized one is pre-installed) and the right one will securely be fitting in your ears. Plus, there is size model marked on the back thus for easy distinguish.

How to power on and pair the earphones?

1. Turn on Bluetooth on smartphone.
2. Taking out both earbuds from charging case.
3. Find Not-connected device displayed as “PaMu Quiet L” and click to connect, prompts “pairing successful, connected” when device Bluetooth connects with left master earbud. Then window pop up requesting for Bluetooth pairing, please follow steps accordingly, devices will display two device names for L-ear and R-ear respectively.

Turn the earbuds on/off

The earbuds automatically on and off when taking out and putting back into the charging case. Tap once to power on when the earbuds are power off.

Auto power off

In case the distance between earbuds and devices is out of transmitting range over 5 minutes, plus separated from charging case, the earbuds will auto power off for saving batteries.