Directional audio technology for unlimited listening - air conduction is truly comfortable!

Directional audio technology for unlimited listening - air conduction is truly comfortable!

Did you know that wearing in-ear headphones for long periods can cause irreversible chronic damage to your eardrums? The World Health Organization (WHO) has released data stating that approximately 1.1 billion young people worldwide are at risk of irreversible hearing loss due to excessive volume from personal audio devices (such as using earphones with smartphones)!

For those who experience soreness and discomfort in the ear canal from wearing in-ear headphones for extended periods, the choice of headphones becomes crucial. In recent years, non-in-ear headphones have rapidly gained popularity in the market, offering the functionality of regular headphones while avoiding the drawbacks of Bluetooth earphones. They address the problem of ear discomfort or infection caused by prolonged headphone use, while also providing some level of hearing protection.

Now, when it comes to non-in-ear headphones, it's inevitable to compare and contrast air conduction headphones with bone conduction headphones. So, let me provide you with a comparative introduction.

01 What is Air Conduction? Difference between Air Conduction and Bone Conduction? Air conduction headphones are a new type of headphone technology that differs significantly from traditional headphones. Traditional headphones deliver sound to the ear canal, where it is converted into sound by the eardrum. In contrast, air conduction headphones utilize directional sound beamforming to directly stimulate the inner ear and transmit sound signals through the auditory nerve.

Bone conduction headphones transmit sound waves through vibration, delivering the sound directly to the skull and jawbone to stimulate the inner ear and convey sound.

02 Advantages of Air Conduction over Bone Conduction? Minimal sound leakage and strong sealing: Bone conduction often faces challenges of sound leakage due to vibration transmission, while air conduction headphones provide minimal sound leakage and stronger sealing compared to bone conduction.

Loud volume and clear communication: Air conduction resolves the issue of having to increase the volume to hear clearly, which is common in bone conduction headphones. With air conduction, you can enjoy clear sound quality at normal volume levels, ensuring seamless communication.

Rich and comfortable sound quality: Unlike the thin and monotonous sound often experienced with bone conduction headphones, air conduction can deliver rich and full-bodied sound, preserving deep bass, natural human voices, and mid-to-high frequencies. It offers the overwhelming advantage of both comfortable wearing and enjoyable listening experiences.

End of the informational section. Now, let me recommend a true non-in-ear, unrestricted listening air conduction headphone – the Padmate S37 Air Conduction Sports Earphones!

01 Directional Audio Technology for Unrestricted Listening - Image The Padmate S37 utilizes directional audio technology that delivers sound to the eardrum through sound beamforming, freeing up the ear canal. It ensures clear and audible sound without sound leakage, which addresses the common issue of sound leakage associated with many bone conduction headphones. Even if you listen to music at 80% volume in the office, your colleagues won't notice.

Moreover, the earphones conform closely to the contour of your ears, providing high-fidelity sound without distortion, creating a more immersive audio experience.

02 Dual-Microphone for Clear Communication, Noise Reduction The Padmate S37 features dual-microphone technology for clear communication and noise reduction. It effectively suppresses environmental noise, retains voice details, and restores clear human voices. Even in noisy environments, you can enjoy clear communication without the need to increase the volume, truly enabling face-to-face conversations.

03 Customized Speaker, Professional Acoustic Tuning, Immersive Bass The Padmate S37 incorporates advanced digital crossover algorithms, proprietary speaker and sound chamber designs, offering an audio experience that feels like having a band playing right next to your ears. The earphones provide balanced three-frequency sound output with high-quality audio thanks to professional tuning by Padmate sound engineers.

Air conduction technology also ensures excellent sound quality, with powerful and robust bass, delicate mid-range, and bright and clear high frequencies, delivering natural and transparent human voices for comfortable and enjoyable listening.

04 Ultra-Lightweight Body, Unrestricted Sports Experience With its lightweight 20g body and streamlined design, the Padmate S37 fits perfectly to your ears, ensuring smooth running or cycling experiences. It stays securely in place, regardless of the intensity of your workout, providing freedom of movement. The fashionable patented appearance and fresh color combinations also enhance your sporty look.

In terms of waterproofing, it achieves an IPX6 rating, allowing you to enjoy music without worrying about sweat. It truly embodies the motto "No waterproofing, no sports."

05 Open Listening, Healthy and Comfortable The directional audio technology of the Padmate S37 offers an ear-friendly listening experience, preventing ear swelling even during extended wear. It provides a comfortable and safe option, reducing the risk of ear discomfort or infection, making it an essential choice for protecting your hearing.

06 Flexible and Durable Framework The Padmate S37 utilizes lightweight soft rubber that is skin-friendly and highly conforming to the contours of the ears. Even after wearing it during intense workouts for several hours, there is no feeling of pressure on the ears.

One of the reasons it doesn't cause ear pressure is the adoption of a memory titanium frame, which is an unbreakable structure. It is resistant to compression, bending, and deformation, accommodating different head shapes.

07 Bluetooth 5.3 with Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Stable Connection A high-quality air conduction sports headphone requires an excellent Bluetooth solution. The Padmate S37 utilizes Bluetooth 5.3 technology, providing faster and more stable connections while ensuring low latency. It imposes no burden when gaming to climb the ranks.

Padmate S37 Air Conduction Sports Earphones, offering unrestricted listening without inserting into the ears – Get them now and free your ears!


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