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What Did Major Media Say About PaMu?

The part of PaMu that actually goes into your ears is surprisingly comfortable. Even Airpods get uncomfortable after long wearing sessions. 

The Padmate PaMu wireless earbuds are a great gadget, and a highly affordable alternative to something like Apple's wireless choice. Yes, they are worth it!

MajorHiFi, a professional earphone and headphone review site, just featured PaMu earphones due to our powerful functions and great price!

We had say absolutely go for it. And with double and triple purchase deals that make the PaMu even more reasonably priced, you may even want to check off a few people on your Christmas list, too.


I really prefer Padmate PaMu to Airpods. The design is small, quite fit my ear, and comfortable..."

Never-fall-out True Wireless Headphone PaMu by Padmate Review from Professional Tennis Coach Boris Gavrilovic

"The sound quality is good... With all the features, the price is awesome!"

"I've tested out the never-fall-out feature for two days, and it is pretty much quite true... I was totally blown away by the quality of these earbuds."

PaMu- Perfect gadget that you bring to your gym!

Обзор и первое впечатление на новые беспроводные наушники Pamu

PaMu, a new pair of true wireless earbuds making a big splash on Indiegogo. 

Aujourd'hui nouvelle vido, puisqu'on parle des couteurs Padmate, qui taient sur IndieGogo !

Customer Reviews

"The PaMu truly wireless earbuds are a no-brainer."

"A reliable pair of wireless earphones that will keep the music going through the day and sound good."

"A fantastic AirPods competitor."

"Perfect for the activities... like going to the gym and riding the subway."

"A gamechanger in the world of wireless earbuds."

"Well-balanced sound, excellent battery life make it a good buy."