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Pamu Fit Semi-In-Ear ANC Earbuds

Pamu Fit Semi-In-Ear ANC Earbuds

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  1. Comfortable and secure ergonomic Semi-in-ear design.
  2. Powerful bass and enjoyable low-end response.
  3. Consistent bass response regardless of fit.
  4. Active noise-cancelling for better public transport listening.
  5. Clear voice communication with dual microphone and advanced AI noise reduction.
  6. Gaming mode with low latency and customizable game sound effects.
  7. Ultra-thin charging case for easy portability.
  8. Dual-mode master-slave switching/Bluetooth 5.3/15h battery life/IPX4 waterproof.
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ABOUT Pamu Fit

 Introducing the all-new Bluetooth earphones Pamu Fit - the ultimate combination of comfort, sound quality, and advanced technology. Designed to fit perfectly in your ears with an ergonomic semi-in-ear design, these earbuds offer superb comfort and stability, making them perfect for extended listening sessions. 

Pamu Fit uses a fully ergonomic design

Active Noise Cancellation

13mm high-power speaker

Ultra-low latency game mode

IPX4 Water Resistant

15 Hours of Total Battery Life

Comfortable Noise-Cancelling, Semi-in-ear + ANC, Reduce noise up to 20dB 

Pamu Fit adopts the latest active noise-cancelling technology, combined with a semi-in-ear design, making it the new benchmark for active noise-cancelling wireless earphones. According to laboratory test data, the noise reduction can reach 20dB, delivering an unparalleled noise-cancelling experience in a variety of environments such as public transport, subways, buses, etc,.

Dual-mic noise reduction and Advanced AI noise reduction

Pamu Fit uses the AINR algorithm dual-microphone noise-cancelling technology. The dual microphone array precisely calculates the direction of the speaker's voice while effectively suppressing various environmental noises. The AI technology ensures high-quality call performance and clear voice recognition, even in noisy environments, Pamu Fit can deliver a clear voice experience, providing an excellent communication experience.

Pamu Fit

As we know, headphones are often defined by their method of wearing, such as wired earphones, over-the-ear, in-ear, semi-in-ear, neck-mounted headsets, etc,. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as the discomfort of in-ear headphones, the lack of bass in semi-in-ear headphones, and the inconvenience of wired headsets. Pamu Fit offers a comfortable and stable fit for the majority of users, including those with different ear sizes.

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Pamu Fit uses a fully ergonomic design with an elastic material that perfectly fits the ear canal, tragus, and helix. 

The adaptive ear hook is designed to fit different ear shapes, making it easy to wear for extended periods without discomfort. The semi-in-ear design ensures a stable fit and comfortable wearing experience. Pamu Fit has a custom-fit for up to 70% of users, making it a perfect fit for the majority of people.

Antimicrobial coating for skin-friendly design

Pamu Fit is Lightweight, with each earphone weighing just 5.5g, making it easy to wear without feeling burdened.

Bluetooth 5.3 

Pamu Fit earbuds use Bluetooth 5.3, which provides faster and more stable connectivity, lower power consumption, and improved anti-interference.

Ultra-low latency game mode

Pamu Fit earphones come with an ultra-low latency game mode that offers a delay as low as 70ms. This feature ensures that audio and video are synchronized, making it perfect for gaming and watching videos. Plus, the game mode also adjusts the sound output to reduce auditory fatigue.

Unprecedented Comfortable Sound Quality - Taking Your Audio Experience to New Level 

Customized for Pamu Earbuds - Unlike traditional Bluetooth earphones that use standard speakers, Pamu Fit earbuds have a custom-designed dynamic driver unit that is optimized for the earphone's acoustic chamber structure. The 13mm driver unit with a titanium alloy composite diaphragm and four-layer voice coil, as well as a precision magnetic circuit design, deliver excellent sound quality with clear highs and deep bass.

Pamu Fit

Four-Layer Coil + Precision Magnetic Circuit Design + Titanium Alloy Composite Film - The rare and precious metal titanium, which is difficult to extract from nature, is used to make the composite film. This enhances the clarity of high-frequency sounds, while the precise magnetic circuit design ensures high bass efficiency with deep bass extension for an immersive listening experience.

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Low power consumption, 15h long battery life

Pamu Fit earphones have a long battery life of up to 6 hours on a single charge, and the charging case can recharge them twice, providing a total battery life of up to 15 hours.Pamu Fit earphones come with a slim charging case that is only 20mm thick.

IPX4 waterproof rating

Pamu Fit are rated IPX4, making them resistant to sweat, rain, and splashes. You can use them during workouts and outdoor activities without worrying about water damage.

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Product Information

Bluetooth5.3Earphone BatteryButton Lithium-ion Cell
Water Resistance
IPX4Earphone Battery Capacity35mAh
Unit Diameter13mmCharging Case BatteryRechargeable Li-ion Battery
Transmission Range>10MCharging Case Battery Capacity200mAh
Earphone Weight(single)5.5gFull Charging Time(earphone)About 1.5h
Product Weight36gFull Charging Time(charging case)About 1.5h
OperationTouchPlay Time6h
ANCabout-20dBTotal Duration15h(With 2 times extra charge)
Ultra-low LatencySupportedPower DisplayLED
Mic Noise ReductionSupportedCharging InterfaceType C
Size(earphone)25*19*17mmWireless ChargingNot supported
Size(charging case)60*42*21mmColourBlack, White

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Christopher T.
Good Sound quality

Super lightweight, hardly felt any weight in my ears.
Have use on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, paired well, maybe I’m using the beta 16.6 version have some intermittent issue sometimes one side sound will goes off for 10-20 seconds and comes back again.

Thanawat U. (Songkhla, TH)

Pamu Fit Semi-In-Ear ANC Earbuds

Suleyman B. (Wrexham, GB)

Very good

Vattaka J. (Bangkok, TH)
Very Comfortable

Easy on ears, anc work very well, game mode was a nice think to have

Ricardo C. (Kenosha, US)
Different vibe and feel

This is my first time using semi-in ear earphones and I must say that they are quite different. I thought they would fall out but to my surprise they fit extremely well. The ANC is ok for a semi-ear earphone as expected. Actually not bad at all.

James L. (Mobile, US)
Pamu Fit

The PaMu fit is very nice comfortable, the sound very good. Good job Padmate.

Sam P. (Santiago, CL)
Pamu Fits are amazing

I love the bass depth and the clarity, also these are very comfy, with the actual Semi in ear the ANC is not that efective, problably adding one removable set of silicone fits if possible might help but that goes with the designer, other than that these are perfect

Olaf W. (Bad Segeberg, DE)
Pamu Fit

works and fits perfect, excellent sound