Can't connect your PaMu Scroll

Can’t connect your earphones.

Connection between the two earbuds was preset in factory. In case that your earbuds were disconnected with each other--both left and right earbuds flash red and blue slowly and could not connect with your cellphone as a pair.

Then please try the following steps:
1. Make sure your earbuds are full charged, then take out your earbuds from the case (both slowly flash blue & red)
2. Quickly double click both sides to get both earbuds fast flash red and blue in a fast frequency.
3. Put the two earbuds as close as possible, await them both show slow flashing lights of blue (Mostly in 20 seconds)
4. Your earbuds are connected with each other successfully, you can search device name(Only one PaMu Scroll) from your cellphone Bluetooth device list and try pairing again.