Pamu Z1 Review
Great, Truly Wireless ANC Earbuds  

The Pamu Z1 are a solid set of actually wireless buds. With robust sound quality and great comfort, the Z1 are a treat to pop in. 

October 28, 2021

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    Pamu Quiet Mini Review
    Pleasing Dynamic Sounds

    A well-made in-ear headset with active noise cancellation and the option to wirelessly charge the charging case. That means the case can also be charged on some smartphones and even some cars, without the need for extra cables. This is the right choice for those who like deep, dynamic music. 

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    April 27, 2021

    Pamu Nano Review
    Give A Great Listening Experince For The User

    PaMu Nano is the smallest earphone of all the PaMu products, which makes it light and stable in ears. And meanwhile, the sound quality of PaMu Nano doesn’t go down with its size, it maintains high resolution and steps into a new level.

    May 26, 2021

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      Pamu Quiet Review
      Stuffed With The Latest Technology

      There’s a lot to like with the PaMu Quiet true wireless ANC earphones. They cut out a lot of irritating background noises and they sound big and bold, thanks to a pair of large 10mm dynamic drivers.

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      September 15, 2020