FAQS - PaMu Quiet Mini

1) Firstly, please adjust slightly when wearing until the earphones is securely fitting in your ears.
2) PaMu Quiet Mini is equipped with three different sizes of ear tips (S, M, L) and M size is pre-installed. You are recommended to try and choose the best suitable pair for maximum comforts and noise cancellation.
3) In case the noise cancellation deteriorates suddenly or abnormal sound comes from the earbuds when using with PaMu Quiet Mini, please don’t worry as these may due to microphones like being blocked by water, sweat, or dirt. You’re recommended to clean the earphones with soft cool air flow to have it recovered.
4) The active noise cancellation works effectively in noisy environments, such as shopping malls, train stations, roadsides, etc. It can especially eliminate noises from middle frequencies and low frequencies.