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How to Replace Your Covers

In the past two years, we found that the PaMu Scroll’s unique design has always been liked by users. The functionality of the PaMu earbuds have been greatly improved. We released PaMu Unique which combined the scroll design with the powerful features of PaMu earbuds together.

We also put forward the concept of having a switchable covers. Users can change the covers according to their preference and enjoy a new appearance earbuds everyday.
We’ve retained all those elements that have made PaMu such a success, including:

  • Perfect Sound Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • 30-hr Playtime
  • Awesome Comfort levels
  • Signal Stability
  • Dual-Mic Noise Cancelling Technology

Replaceable Covers | Unique Your Life

High Quality & Luxurious Covers

Every single piece of covers must go through more than 20 tedious processes, involving much manual labor and super time consuming. All these make PaMu unique the real “luxurious” earbuds. 

PaMu Unique Cover has passed
a series of reliability tests

  • Cold and Hot Shock
  • High Temperature & High Humidity
  • Wear Resistance Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Flip Test

Super Flexible

Super Durable

Step 1.

UV Printing Technology

Step 2.

Car Line

Step 3.

Manual Oil Edging

Step 4.

Hot-Press Molding

UV printing uses inkjet printing to print the ink on the leather surface. The ultraviolet wave emitted by the LED cold light source lamp reacts with the photosensitive curing agent in the ink, so that the color molecules in the ink are cured to form a pattern on the surface of the leather. UV ink is a kind of green ink without pollution. 

Concept behind the Design

Lacquer Paintings Meet Graffiti | Modern , Fashion, Luxury

The patterns of PaMu Unique Covers were lacquer paintings, a form of painting with lacquer which was practised in China, Korea and Japan for decoration on lacquerware. Padmate artists combined this ancient and mysterious exotic art with modern graffiti and abstract art, to create this high-fashion luxurious earbuds. The patterns expressed the world that is powerful, vibrant, emotional and free. Through the experimental practice of extremely abstract style, the artist deeply explored the spirit of colors. Also, we showed the respect to the nature, and reflected various levels of our subconscious emotions. . 

Select Your Favourite Covers Package

PaMu Unique



Key Features


Born for Music:
Qualcomm QCC3020 Chip

The quality of any earphone depends on the power of its core processing chip.
They have the most stable signal connection, better sound quality and lower power consumption.

The chip we use in PaMu  Unique is the Qualcomm QCC3020.
It’s the most advanced TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphone chip. Bose, Sony, and Jabra are all still using the old Qualcomm CSR86Xx, while Apple’s Airpods 2 use the H1 chip. We've partnered up with Intel and Qualcomm to develop PaMu Unique and outperform all the other earphones. Have we achieved our goal? We think so, but ultimately, you will decide.

Our Micron Composite Vibration Membrane is designed to give the earphones a better resolution while simultaneously reduce sound distortion. The result is a textured and layered audio experience that’s totally unique.

Dual-Mic Noise Cancelling Technology 

High-performance Dual-Mic noise cancelling technology cancels 90% background noise for clear calling quality in noisy environments even you are driving or in crowds etc.

Never Fall Out: Ergonomic Design 

Whether you’re running, jumping, climbing, whatever, the ergonomic design of PaMu Unique earphones will give you a lasting comfort and they never fall out.

6 Sizes of Ear Tips:
Most earphones assume that one size fits all. But we know that, just like people’s tastes in music. Every ear is different in terms of the size and shape of the canal. And here at PaMu, we don’t expect you to fit our product. We make our product adaptable enough to fit your
ears. That’s why we offer 6 different sizes of ear tips: S, S+, M, M+, L, L+.

Impressive Battery Life: 30hr playtime/calling

400 mAh

Charging Case Battery Capacity

30 hrs

Calling Time

30 hrs

Standy Time

Two Ways To Charge

5 mins

Charging Time

1 hr

Battery Time

1. Type-C Cable Charging
2. Wireless charging with PaMu Unique Wireless charging receiver. You can use wireless charging receiver as optional to charging PaMu Unique. Just put it on your own wireless charging pads/sockets. PaMu Unique wireless charging receiver also support other Type-C devices charging.

Just 5 minutes of charging gets you 1 hour of play or call time. That’s all down to the power of the PaMu Unique’s Type-C connector. When the battery is low, you won’t have to wait long to get your wireless earphones back working, because PaMu Unique can be charged super fast and really convenient. Just grab yourself a cup of coffee and before you finish sipping the froth, your earphones will be back in the game, ready to keep you entertained.

Touch Control

IPX6 Water Resistance

PaMu Unique has an IPX6 Water Resistance rating. That means when you’re running or doing whatever sports activities, no rain, water or sweat can penetrate the sensitive components in your earphones. So you can work out with your favorite soundtrack in all weathers, safe in the knowledge that your wireless earphones are well, and safe.

Easily Connect with Your Devices

Tech Specs

What's in the Box