About PaMu Scroll

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • wireless charging
  • Unique scroll design carry case
  • Call audio in both ears
  • Enhanced bass
  • 5 elegant color options

PaMu Scroll redefines wireless earphones. It features a wireless charging receiver that can upgrade all your old MicroUSB devices to allow wireless charging. Top audio brand owners, celebrities and emerging tech experts have all tried and been delighted by PaMu Scroll. You could be next to experience the difference. 

What They Say About PaMu Scroll

9to5 Toys, the top tech and gadget review media gave PaMu Scroll thumb up! Read more details here.

Top runner, cyclist or triathlete Magazine Chicago Athlete reviewed PaMu Scroll in the professional athlete using angle, and they recommend PaMu Scroll. Read more details here.

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3 Theme Colors



TB Rock'n'Roll



Made By An Award-Winning Team

Padmate was proud to be awarded the Best Industry Innovation Accelerator in 2018, certified by Intel. PaMu Scroll is the result of a joint innovation accelerator between Padmate and Intel. It's just one of the many partnerships we have with innovators all over the world.

Audio expert Pirate FM also gave a thumb up to PaMu Scroll! Pirate FM was born in 1992, a top audio station using state-of-the-art audio tech. Read more details here.

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The Cross-Eyed Pianist is one of the UK’s leading blogs on classical music. The reviewer, Frances Wilson, from Cross-Eyed Pianist is UK top-tier pianist and musician. She gave 100% positive feedback about PaMu Scroll. Read more details here.

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Higher Speed, Longer Range, More Powerful Sound
Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 

Deeper Bass and Crisper Highs 

These combine to deliver a richer sound experience than Apple's AirPods.

Auto Pairing

Connect with All Your Devices

Connect with any of your devices that use Bluetooth Technology: Android phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook and etc. 

Enjoy the Music Everywhere

Comfort Fit Ergonomic Design

PaMu Scroll comes with three different sized ear buds - Small, Medium, and Large. This is to ensure the most comfortable fit in your ears. The ergonomic design means the earbuds will never fall out whatever you're doing - running, jumping, working, cycling, you name it! 

Water And Sweat Resistant

Hear your music anywhere. PaMu Scroll has IPX4 accreditation. So the components are all protected against the damage rain, water, splashes, and sweat can cause. They are also dust-resistant, so you can use them on bike rides, ATVs, motorcycles and other power sports vehicles. 


Suppress Background Noise

Don't let anything get in the way of your enjoyment of music. PaMu Scroll earphones filter out unwanted background sounds, so you can revel in being in the center of your music world.

Auto-Activate Siri

Tap your earbud twice to talk to Siri without needing to use your phone.

The Case Is The Charger

Charging: Micro-USB Cable Charging
(Micro-USB Cable is included in the PaMu package)

Put earphones back into charging case to powering off and recharge the PaMu Scroll. (*Red light flash while charging, and turn off when completely charged.)

Simply store your earphones in the PaMu Scroll case where they will be charged. One charge gets you 3 hours of play time and hands-free calling.Or 100 hours on standby. The charging case delivers 3 full charges. That's an extra 9 hours listening time.

Technical Specification

Padmate won the Best Industry Innovation Accelerator 2018 certified by Intel. PaMu Scroll is one of the best products from Padmate-Intel joint innovation accelerator. Padmate is partnership with many major brands all over the world!