We aren’t your run-of-the-mill new AirPods alternative. We’re better than that. Way better. Think of PaMu slide as an apple earbuds upgrade with better sound and longer battery life. As you’ll see from our graph below, if you buy your PaMu earphones early you get to save $$$$$. Because if our previous campaigns are anything to go by, the price of these earphones is going to go up and up as demand gets higher and higher.

PaMu Slide

50% OFF


We’ve retained all those elements that have made PaMu such as success, including:  

  • Personal Sound Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Signal Stability
  • Awesome Comfort Levels

 Now we’re back with PaMu Slide, an awesome product that will redefine Bluetooth earphones.

 They All Recommend PaMu 

We’ve worked together in the audio industry for over 17 years, developing audio products for big name brands such as Intel, AT&T, Nokia, Softbank, and Monsters. It’s always been our dream to bring the best quality, most innovative products to the world. Products that can proudly hold their own against the likes of Bose, Apple, and Sony. So back in 2018, we launched PaMu, and since then, we’ve never looked back.

The World's Most Stable Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Qualcomm QCC3020 Chip

The quality of any earphone depends on the power of its core processing chip. Ours is amazing, which means: the most stable signal connection, better sound quality, lower power consumption.

The chip we use in PaMu Slide is the Qualcomm QCC3020. It’s the most advanced TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphone chip there is. Bose, Sony, and Jabra are all still using the old Qualcomm CSR86Xx, while Apple’s Airpods 2 use the H1 chip. We've partnered up with Intel and Qualcomm to develop PaMu Slide and outper form all other earphones. Have we achieved our goal? We think so, but ultimately, you will decide.

In a flooded market of the true wireless earbud, it is really hard to stand out. You have to bring some unique features to the table. What is it for PaMu Slide? Check out what professional reviewers said about PaMu Slide.

Born for Music 🎵

The best wireless earbuds give you superior sound quality whatever device you use. You will soon hear the difference with PaMu Slide, its advanced TWS chip really bringing purity to your music, letting you hear it the way the artist intended. Bass beats are deeper, soaring vocals hit new heights. These earphones really deliver an authentic and precision audio experience..

Our Micron Composite Vibration Membrane is designed to give the earphones a better resolution while simultaneously reducing sound distortion. The result is a textured and layered audio experience that’s totally unique.

PaMu Slide vs Airpods 2

This graph shows that the Pa Mu Slide sound quality is pure, consisting of bass that’s deep, well-balanced and clean. The layering is clear and the vocals more attractive, has powerful bass and super high sound.

What Makes Us Different?

What’s the point of having wireless earphones if you’re forever having to carry around a charger with wires?
It’s why you get a Wireless Charging Case with your PaMu Slide earphones, so everything is wireless..


Media Reviews

Reviewed and Tested by top tech web Craving Tech, check the details here.

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The 1889 founded top English newspaper Express & Star reviews and highly recommends PaMu Slide, check the details here.

Bass Magazine is the top professional music magazine for bassists and music lovers.
Check the full article here.

Wireless Phone Charging

Wireless Phone Charging

Never Fall Out: Ergonomic Design

Whether you’re running, jumping, climbing, whatever, the ergonomic design of PaMu Slide
earphones means they give you lasting comfort and never fall out.

6 Sizes of Ear tips: 
Most earphones assume that one size fits all. But we know that, just like people’s tastes in
music every ear is different in terms of the size and shape of the canal. And here at PaMu,
we don’t expect you to fit our product. We make our product adaptable enough to fit your
ears. That’s why we offer 6 different sizes of ear tips: S, S+, M, M+, L, and L+.

So if you want to hear your favorite tunes on that run or during that rock climb, take PaMu
earphones, because the way they snugly fit into your ear means they Never Fall Out.
Note: All 6 sizes will be sent with your earphone. Normal size and plus size are only different
in depth (e.g., S and S+ have the same width, but S+ has a deeper depth).

Auto Pairing

PaMu Slide automatically pairs up with your devices, so there’s no hassle trying to configure the settings.

Auto connecting

Auto disconnecting

Impressive Battery Life: 30hr play time/calling

400 mAh

Charging Case Battery Capacity

30 hrs

Calling Time

30 days

Standby Time

Fed up with new tech letting you down with short battery life? PaMu Slide won’t. Just a single charge of your PaMu Slide wireless earphones can give you over 10 hours of playtime. And with the portable charging case delivering 5 full recharges, that’s up to 60 hours of music, enough to last you a long weekend.

A full charge will also give you an impressive 10 hours of hands-free voice calling. And a full charge also gives you over 1 month of standby time.

Touch Control

Safe Storage Magnetic Anti-Drop

PaMu Slide has an IPX6 Water Resistance rating. That means when you’re running or doing whatever sporting activity you’re involved with, no rain, water or sweat can penetrate the sensitive components in your earphones. So you can work out to your favorite soundtrack in all weathers, safe in the knowledge that your wireless earphones are, well, safe.

Water Resistance Keeps You Active

PaMu Slide has an IPX6 Water Resistance rating. That means when you’re running or doing whatever sporting activity you’re involved with, no rain, water or sweat can penetrate the sensitive components in your earphones. So you can work out to your favorite soundtrack in all weathers, safe in the knowledge that your wireless earphones are, well, safe.

Just 5 minutes of charging gets you 1 hour of play or call time. That’s all down to the power of the PaMu Slide’s Type-C connector. When the battery is low, you won’t have to wait long to get your wireless earphones back working, with super fast, really convenient charging. Just grab yourself a cup of coffee and before you’ve finished sipping the froth, your earphones will be back in the game, ready to keep you entertained.

What Celebrities Say about PaMu?


All Day Comfort

Want to listen music all day? That’s no problem when your earphones are as comfortable as PaMu Slide.

Multiple Methods Ensure Signal Stability

Signal stability is a common problem with many wireless earphones. Lack of stability is the one thing that puts off a lot of people from buying wireless. They’d rather get in a tangle with normal wire earphones. But PaMu Slide is going to change all that.

Using our advanced QCC3020 chip, our earphones have a greater range and receive a stronger signal than any other wireless earphones available. That’s also thanks to the LDS antenna technology we’ve incorporated into the design of PaMu Slide.

LDS proved to be the most effective antenna technology around, after we trialed and tested various alternatives, using the most advanced and demanding test equipment available. The result is a set of earphones that won’t suddenly give you the silent treatment by losing connection or experiencing synchronization problems. TWS earphones now have the stability you want. So you really can go wireless and stay wireless..

Dual-Mic Noise Reduction Technology

Need to take an urgent call right in the middle of a noisy shopping mall? Jogging along a busy street and wanting to catch your favorite tune? No problem. PaMu Slide uses dual mic reduction technology to eliminate external noise, so you can hear voice calls and music with real clarity.

Connect to All Your Devices

Android phones, tablets, and other mobile devices Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook And more…

Once Go Wireless, Never Go Back

PaMu Slide TWS earphone gives you total freedom.
No more tangled cords and no need to take your device with you.

Meet PaMu Community

PaMu fans from all over the world shared their stories and showed just how much they loved our previous earphones. We’re hoping to get just as great a reaction from our fans to the PaMu Slide.


PaMu Slide Carry Bag

Storage and protect your PaMu Slide with this little carry bag!

*Note: You are required to buy a PaMu Slide/Slide plus with the carry bag. We WON'T SHIP if you only purchase a carry bag.

Which Color You Will Snap Up?

Smart and stylish as well as delivering awesome sound – that’s PaMu Slide. It’s unlikely you will ever be able to buy earphones this good for such a low price again. So seize the moment and back our Indiegogo campaign. Choose from white, black or green and place your order now. You can then be the envy of your friends by being one of the first to own a set of PaMu Slide earphones.




Tech Specs

Why You Can Rely on Padmate Tech?

The Padmate team has worked with Qualcomm engineers to enhance the performance of PaMu Slide. And such is the quality of the result, we can proudly claim that the chip in our earphones performs better than the chip in AirPods.
Even better, many of the smart functions that are present in PaMu Slide are supported with technology from our partners at Intel..

Want even more evidence that the amazing work of the Padmate team is getting the tech world to sit up and take notice?
Padmate CEO and product leader, Mr. Mao, was recently invited to deliver a presentation about PaMu Slide tech at the Bluetooth SIG conference. This is the official Bluetooth organization that sets the worldwide standards in Bluetooth, and we’re justifiably proud to have been invited to take part. We were also delighted by how well the technology in PaMu Slide was received by delegates at the conference..