Reset your pamu slide serial earbuds

How to reset pamu slide serial earbuds ( pamu slide/plus ,pamu slide mini /pamu unique )?

First of all,try to keep your earbuds in low battery status.
1.put earbuds in the charging case,the red LED light is on,two earbuds are charging.
2.Two or three time click your earbuds touch button,the earbuds are flashing red and slowly.
3.Press and hold for 10 seconds to delete the pairing,the red and white lights are on simultaneously.
4.Take out earbuds,double click and then red and white lights flash quickly, and when the Left one flashes white and red slowly,the right one fashes white slowly means pairing success.
5. if not success repeat step1 to step 4
If you accidentally delete the pairing while using Pamu Slide Serial Earbuds, follow those steps.