Set up and use your pamu slide plus

Can Pamu Slide be used alone? 

Earphones are supposed to be used as a pair but Pamu Slide is updated the both earbuds can be used alone, which offer more convenience as per the audio-devices lovers.

How to power on and pair the earphones?  

Step 1 -Method 1. Take out the earphones from the stand, they will and start up automatically and enter the pairing mode(make sure the stand is charged).
Method 2. Touch the button of the earphone to turn it on (the earphones must not be in the charging case and must be off).
Step 2 -Pairing of the main earphone:
Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, search for “PaMu Slide” in the available devices list, and click on it to complete the main earphone.

How to use wireless power bank?  

1.Double click the button to turn on the wireless charging function (charging indicator light turn on in white color)
2.Put the mobile phone with wireless charging function in the appropriate position to start charging. After charging is completed, double click the button to turn off the wireless charging function or it wil turn itself off automatically after 3 minutes.