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Padmate S36 Professional Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones

Padmate S36 Professional Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones

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The Padmate S36 Professional Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones, your perfect companion for a confident and immersive swimming experience. Dive into the water and enjoy exceptional audio quality without compromising your safety.

With a massive 32G memory: these headphones allow you to bring your favorite music with you while swimming. Store a vast collection of songs and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment as you glide through the water.

Stay connected effortlessly with advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology: Experience seamless and stable connectivity, ensuring a hassle-free wireless connection to your device. Focus on your swim and enjoy your favorite tunes without any interruptions or dropouts.

Designed to withstand extended submersion: the S36 headphones boast an impressive IPX8 waterproof rating. Dive deep, conquer the waves, and enjoy your water activities with confidence. These headphones have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their durability and reliability in water.

Say goodbye to tangled wires and complicated charging setups: The magnetic charging feature of the S36 headphones makes charging a breeze. Simply attach the charger magnetically for a secure connection and hassle-free charging experience.

The Padmate S36 provides a long battery life of nearly 10 hours: allowing you to swim for hours without worrying about running out of power. Immerse yourself in your music and enjoy uninterrupted sessions, whether you're training or simply enjoying a leisurely swim.

Compatible with sunglasses, helmets, and hats: these headphones provide a comfortable and secure fit during your aquatic adventures. Enjoy your water activities while maintaining your style and comfort.

Experience the ultimate blend of performance, durability, and convenience with the Padmate S36 Professional Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones. Dive in, explore the depths, and elevate your swimming experience with superior audio quality.
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Bluetooth 5.3 Stable Connection

 Padmate S36 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 technology, providing a stable and efficient wireless connection while consuming minimal power

Comes with 32G memory

Is it inconvenient to bring your mobile phone for outdoor sports? Padmate S36 comes with 32G large memory, which can store a lot of music and can be used as Mp3.

Magnetic Charging

The Padmate S36 support magnetic charging, which enables quick and convenient charging in just 2 hours.

IPX8 Waterproof

Introducing the Sealed Monolithic Body, Waterproof up to 3 Meters: Dive in and swim freely without any worries. This specially designed device is perfect for all-around swimming. Enjoy the underwater adventure without fear, as it can withstand immersion up to 3 meters.

Compatibility with Sunglasses, Helmets, and Hats

Ergonomic combined with streamlined sunken design, fits different ear shapes Sports without pressure, comfortable to wear, can not be thrown offetc.

Titanium Frame and Silicone Material

The S36 features a lightweight and comfortable design with a memory titanium frame and silicone material construction.Bendable, no deformation under pressure

Lightweight Secure Fit

Lightweight headphones are easier to carry, whether they are put into a pocket, bag or hung around the neck, they will not bring extra burden to the user. This allows users to enjoy music, listen to calls or watch videos anytime, anywhere without worrying about the weight of the headphones.

Compatible with 99% of devices

Support Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, VIVO and other smart phones

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• S36 Professional Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones
• Magnetic Charging Cable
• User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
S36 even better immersed

Padmate S36 swimming headphones are surprisingly good. Since my old swimming headphones got broken was searching for new ones. Had no experience with bone-conducting phones before, but experience with in-ear tweeters was telling me something has to change. Found this new product online and thought to give it a try. The price tag was somewhat concerning since popular products have 2..3x higher price tags.
Have used them for over a week now for over 10 hours, did a half marathon, and went for an open-water swim. The experience is incredible. The battery lasts long, the sound is good and it gets even better when immersed in water.
The only problem is the default language of the audio messages. I was struggling to change from Chinese to English (like apparently, others have told here). Contacted the support via email and got quick responses. As advised I kept trying and eventually succeeded in switching language. It worked when headphones were in Bluetooth mode and not connected to mobile. Quickly and consistenstly clicking the multi-function button four times it finally worked.
Would advise padmate to make English the default language, especially when sending the product worldwide.

Jennifer Chun
I’ve already lost the charging cable.

Works great with my iPhone but I already lost the charging cable and wasn’t able to load any music. Very comfortable to wear. I wish there was an adapter or something that I could use with USB C. If there’s a really good sale, I might buy another one just to get the cable.

Marc v.T.
Top tier Bone Conducting headphones

Solid quality and nice looks on this set of bone conducting headphones. The package comes with some extra earplugs for some noise cancelation. Lovely idea you can store music on it as well.
Only points of criticism are the propiatary plug needed to charge and while I don't mind the device starting and stopping in chinese I haven't found an option to change this

Very interesting product

You can save your ear drums with this! Sound it been conducted through the bone and it's of high quality! What miss it the capability to have also microphone to handle smartphone calls

Marlos Lumi

Padmate S36 Professional Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones